Manicure & Pedicure

Manicures - A manicure is a cosmetic beauty treatment for the fingernails and hands. This service consists of filing, shaping of the free edge, removing the cuticle, exfoliating, massage of the hand and the application of polish. In addition to these services, we offer a variety of different spa manicures just right for you.


Soak-off Gel Manicures and Pedicures - In addition to manicures and pedicures, we offer a variety of colors by Shellac, OPI, and Gelish. Get the gel colors on your nails and toes. No chip and no peel for two weeks! Easy to apply, easy to take off, and dries in seconds!


Pedicures - A pedicure service starts with aroma foot bath to cleanse your feet, while your nails are getting trimmed, shaped along with the maintenance of cuticles. It is followed by exfoliating to remove all dry skin as well as your callus; in addition, rough edges will be tended too. Then, you will enjoy a brief reflexology massage along with a warm towel wrap, and the application of polish. Relax your body and enjoy the shiatsu massage during your pedicure treatment. In addition to these services, we also offer different kinds of spa treatments of your choice.


Artificial Nails – There are several popular techniques that we use to create longer, better-looking nail enhancements. We offer Brisa UV Gel for Pink and White sets. We also offer the cleanest and the most natural looking nails; Silk Set is offered for someone who likes their nails painted.


UV Gel Set - We are highly trained in using Brisa Gel and are the best in town! Thin layers of gel go over your natural nails and hardens under ultraviolet light. If you want your nails extended, we use forms fitted over the nail, and gel goes over to build the length. White gel goes over your free edge to make a perfect French line and dries under UV light. This is the most natural looking, high quality artificial nails and, it lasts for a long time.


Silk Set – It is done by cutting pieces of actual silk fabric to fit on the surface of the nail. Then, it is sealed down with glue, gel and powder. This is a possible alternative for those who are allergic to chemicals used in the acrylic or gel process. These sorts of treatments are commonly used to protect the nails if they have been broken. The silk or tips act as a false layer of nail and thus protects the nail plate from splitting or becoming damaged any further.


Tips Set / French Tips - Tips are made of lightweight plastic plates that are "nail" shaped. They are glued on the end of the natural nail, then sealed with gel and powder for longer lasting result. Tips are available in few different shades such as clear tips, beige and French white.


Waxing - Various types of waxing are available at our salons. The different types of waxing that can be performed are:

  • Eyebrow waxing

  • Lip / Chin / cheek waxing

  • Leg / half leg waxing

  • Arm / underarm waxing

  • Back / chest waxing

  • Bikini wax